Some rooms just seem to stay dark and dingy no matter what solutions are tried. Electrical lighting can brighten up the area, but the end product looks artificial. Keeping a light on all the time can also get expensive. This is where skylights are a great solution. They stream sunlight in through the ceiling, lighting up the area naturally and without a utility bill. For this reason, many have become interested in getting one installed. Here’s what to expect from skylight installation.

Decide on what kind of skylight you want. Before even thinking about skylight installation, you should think about the type of skylight you want installed into your home. The main decision is whether you want your skylight to open to allow fresh air in and out, or to have it as just a window. Those that open and close also have different mechanisms that operate them. Choose between solar, electrical, and manual opening systems. Make sure to choose the right option for your specific needs.

Choose which installation system works best for your roof. Another choice to be made is whether to use a curb mounted or deck mounted skylight installation. A curb mounted one attaches the skylight to a wooden frame which is attached to your roof. This installation is considered best for a roof with a pitch of 60 degrees. A deck mounted one attaches the skylight directly to your roof. This installation is best for roofs with a pitch between 14 and 85 degrees.

Choose a location for your skylight installation. When it comes to skylights, the location is very important. Look for a room close to the roof. Also, make sure to think about the possible objects, such as buildings or trees, that could block sunlight from entering your desired room.

Choosing a direction. Having a skylight face either north or south will give different benefits to homes in different climates. A northern facing skylight works best for homes in warmer climates, southern facing works best for homes in colder ones. Your installer will be able to determine the best direction for your skylight installation.

Installation will usually take place in two phases. There are many steps to installing a skylight. For this  reason, installers usually split the process into exterior and interior. The exterior process generally takes around one half to three days. It includes cutting a hole in the roof, and placing the skylight in. The interior process takes around half a day to complete. It includes painting and drywalling. Keep these in mind when deciding if it’s a good idea to get out of the house for a while.

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