Cool Ventilation Solutions for Your Home

From living spaces to your garage, attic and even sheds, Sola-Lite provides ventilation fans to deliver fresh air so you feel great and your home stays cool and protected.

Whole House Fan - Garage Fan - Solar Attic Fan

Benefits of Ventilation


• Get useful space back


• Extend life of A/C
• Lower Elec Bills
• Remove Heat Load


• Remove Toxins and smells
• Balance Hot Spots

Is Your Garage HOT?

You may have many uses for your garage. We have many ways to keep it COOL.

Garage Fan

Step 1:

Solar Attic Fan

Step 2:

Garage Fan and Vents

Step 3:

Garage Door Insulation

Step 4:

Blown-in/Rolled Insulation

Internal view of garage fan

Solar Interior-Mount Garage Fan

When you’re as busy in the garage as the living space above it, you want a solution to keep it cool. Solatube delivers a solar fan (IM 1500) that mounts on a side wall to pull the hot air out of the garage all day so you can do everything in your garage in total comfort. This solution is a great option for virtually any garage configuration type.

Garage Fan

Powered Garage Fan

For garages with attic space above them, you want to keep both spaces cool to keep yourself comfortable and your home protected from the elements. Solatube’s powered garage fan pulls hot air out of the garage and attic while bringing cool air in from the outside.

Attic Fans

Prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels in your attic with Solar Star® Ventilation Fans. Your attic stays cool and dry while you enjoy greater comfort in your home, lower utility bills and prolonged roof life.

Solar Attic Fan


Cool Your Attic and Protect Your Home All Year Long

Heat and moisture are your home’s enemies. Solar Star Ventilation Fans deliver an eco-friendly approach to neutralize moisture and drive out heat, keeping your home cool in summer and protecting it from harm during the winter.

Attic fans can help control your utility bills and preserve your home. Call Solar-Tex in Austin at 512-371-0399 to learn more. 

Summer Cooling

Outside view of solar attic fan

When the heat of summer hits, it needs to be vented from your attic to keep living spaces comfortable, air conditioning units from overworking, and roof structures and materials from deteriorating.

Solar Star Ventilation Fans:
• Pulls heat from your attic and structure of your home
• Provide a more comfortable interior
• Lower air conditioning energy bills

Winter Protection

we can help in the winter, too

When ice, snow, and cold temperatures outside combine with excess humidity inside, it can do serious damage to your home’s structure.

Solar Star Ventilation Fans safeguard your attic from winter damage by:
• Equalizing attic and exterior temperatures
• Eliminating damage to insulation and framing materials produced by moisture
• Avoiding leaks and structural decay from ice damming
• Mitigating weakened internal structures caused by mold and fungus growth