Any homeowner could tell you Texas loves to flip-flop between extremes. Whether it’s scorching hot summers or freezing winters, there’s always something new to adapt to. This can put a strain on heating and air conditioning systems, shortening its lifespan and driving expenses through the roof. Attic fans are a unique and cost effective solution that can extend the life of your home and your A/C. To help you understand what an attic fan is capable of, we created the homeowner’s guide to solar-powered attic fans.

A definition. A Solar powered attic fan — also known as a ventilation fan — is a device that is inserted through the roof of your home. It then pulls hot air — and moisture — through your attic and releases it.

A solar powered attic fan can extend your A/Cs life. Texas heat is intense, and most A/Cs only go so long before breaking down or going out of commission all together. An attic fan can extend the life of your unit. These fans pull hot air through the roof of your home, cooling your home and taking some of the load off your A/C.

Attic fans can save you money. While your A/C gets a well deserved break, your expenses can also join in on the vacation. Because these fans pull hot air from your attic, your A/C won’t have to run as often or with the same intensity, reducing your electric bill.  

Remove bad odors. Another great benefit of having an attic fan is that it can help vent stubborn odors out of your home. This can save you money on air fresheners and will probably be a better smelling option in the long run. 

Keep your second floor cooler. Unless you have two A/C units, keeping both a first and second story at equal temperature is tricky. One will either be too hot or too cold. Attic fans help solve this by balancing temperatures throughout your home. Say goodbye to fighting over the A/C controls. 

Attic fans can prevent moisture damage. Excess humidity in a home’s attic can lead to mold and fungus growth on support structures. An attic fan can pull out humidity, breaking the growth cycle and safeguarding your home.

Attic fans can prevent ice dams. In cold weather, ice dams form when hot air in a house’s attic causes a layer of ice to melt. This water then runs down and into the eaves, where it freezes again and slowly builds. Eventually, the melted ice can’t go anywhere, choosing to flow under your shingles and into your home. A solar powered attic fan can fight this process. Since the fan pulls hot air out of your attic, the process of ice damming breaks. 

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