Trends come and go in the residential construction industry, but one thing that has shown staying power is Solatubes. This powerful daylighting system has changed the way homes are illuminated by designing a home décor feature that is both visually unobtrusive AND functionally impactful.

What are Solatubes?

Solatubes work off of the premise that comfortably lighting a home’s interior shouldn’t require multiple sources. Solatubes take collected sunlight from the roof through tubing made from highly-reflective material down to a given space. The result is a naturally lit room without depending on electricity.

But homeowners, in general, have felt a financial strain during the difficulties of the last nearly two years. We’ve all spent more time at home & noticed areas where improvements can be made. Unfortunately, some budgets just can’t keep up.

The installation of Solatubes requires a financial investment, as does any home improvement project. But is it worth it? Consider the following:

Determine Your Electricity Costs

Add up the cost of your electric bill over a year’s time. Knowing that your current lighting isn’t cutting it, the amount you pay to keep inefficient lights on is a hard pill to swallow & tantamount to throwing money away.

Calculate Expense on Lightbulbs & Fixtures

Figure out how much you’ve spent on lightbulbs of various wattages & output. Throw in the cost of any light fixtures you’ve purchased in the hopes of getting better lighting. There’s likely a lot of expenditure on very little return.

Consider Tax Breaks

Homeowners can qualify for federal income tax credits in the area of 25-30% with Solatubes, which is impressive.

DIY or Professional Installation

A DIY installation always saves money…until the project runs into trouble. Depending on how awry things go, getting a DIY mistake fixed on top of the pro install work will cost a pretty penny.

In the end, the best advice about Solatubes for a homeowner on a budget is to ACTUALLY establish a budget. The best install contractor will provide options based on what you can spend so that your home can still benefit from this phenomenal product without breaking the bank.

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