Even with all that Texas sun, any experienced homeowner knows that light just fails to reach some rooms. Electrical lighting feels unnatural, and windows and skylight are situational and expensive. A sun tunnel can help solve these conundrums, but what can a homeowner expect from such a device? Here’s our Texas homeowners’ guide to sun tunnels.

Texas Homeowners’ Guide To Sun Tunnels

A sun tunnel can light areas of your home that skylights and windows can’t reach. Homeowners know the struggle of a dark room or hallway. Electrical lighting works, but feels like a cheap alternative. We end up thinking, “a skylight would be perfect here, if only that were possible.” With this device, natural lighting is possible. Solar-Tex’s solar tubes channel sunlight from your roof to any dark room, ensuring natural and beautiful lighting.

Sun tunnels are far more robust than skylights or windows. Solar-Tex’s solar tube technology uses an ultra reflective material, allowing sunlight to be channeled through a nonlinear tube. This allows sunlight to access almost any room in your home without having to make compromises.

They can function on any type of roofing. Not all roofs are created equal. Some homeowners may wonder if this device will work on their unique roof type. Luckily Solar-Tex has the solution. Their solar tubes come equipped with leak proof flashing, allowing their product to comfortably sit on any roof.

They can also work in lower light situations. The varied geography of Texas leads to unique lighting situations for many homes. Homeowners may wonder, “can a sun tunnel work if I don’t have intense sunlight on my roof?” Solar-Tex’s solar tubes include integrated technologies that can maximize sunlight capture in low light conditions.

A sun tunnel can save on your utility bill. Texas homeowners know that our state’s harsh conditions can really drive up expenses at the end of the month. Sun tunnels channel natural sunlight through reflective surfaces, no electricity needed. This allows prices to stay light, while your quality of lightning skyrockets. 

Speaking of taxes. Lighting additions to homes can be expensive. This fact holds homeowners back from choosing natural lighting. All Solar-Tex’s solar tubes qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on purchase and installation, making it an incredibly economical lighting solution.

They can fit your needs. Not all rooms require the same light levels. That’s why Solar-Tex’s solar tubes come in two sizes; The 160 DS 10” wide tube, and the 290 DS 14” wide tube. No matter the situation, Solar-Tex can help.

The devices themselves look appealing. Solar Tex’s solar tubes come with an array of fixtures for the ceiling of your selected room. Choose from a myriad of round and square designs, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Sun tunnels also have many addons. Solar-Tex’s solar tubes include addons for ventilation, dimming daylight levels, and even a night light, extending their functionality beyond a natural lighting solution. 

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