SolarTex has added another way to brighten your day. We are now able to install Velux Skylights. It’s no surprise that light – especially natural daylight – is a powerful tool for your well being. The increase in natural light can have a variety of physical and psychological benefits. Skylights help to not only bring new life to a room but also improve our health and happiness as well.


All of the Light with a Lower Electric Bill

With a skylight, you’re not only getting more light than can come through vertical windows. You’re getting cleaner light that automatically changes tones.  And you’re getting all of this without electricity at no cost to you!


If you have an older acrylic model, we can replace your dome for better efficiency or replace it altogether with Velux Skylight replacement. Replacing your skylights provides Velux’s 10-year leak and hail protection.

In the Right Spot, a Skylight Can Make All the Lighting Difference 

North Light is more commonly known as reflected light. This indirect light produces cool and controlled value shifts, basking your subject matter in the same cool atmosphere and giving you far greater control over values, contrasts, and subtle color changes.

Don’t Forget the Blinds.

 Because there are times that call for less light or no light at all, VELUX has a wide range of skylight blinds. From Venetian to light-filtering to blackout blinds, we have just the right blind for the exact amount of light control you need with Pick & Click! 

Brackets are included with most blind options.  You can remove and replace your blinds to adjust the lighting in a snap!



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