Many homeowners want to improve their home value. Whether it’s for a sale in the near future, or long term improvements, increasing a home’s attractiveness to potential buyers is a great idea. The only challenge with home improvement is coming up with ideas. For this reason, we created our guide to adding natural lighting and other ways to improve your home value.

Think about skylighting. Many homes lack good lighting. Some areas just seem to devour light and look dark and gloomy. Electrical lighting is a common solution to this problem but this can look unnatural, not to mention that leaving the switch on 24/7 is expensive and unrealistic. For such situations, skylights are a great option. A skylight, in a nutshell, is a window for your ceiling. They let in natural light, and let out hot air. Another plus: they provide clean natural lighting with no electric bill attached. 

Skylights can increase a home’s value dramatically. Skylights are able to improve your interior and exterior at the same time. This is very appealing to potential buyers. Just make sure that your new skylight is in an aesthetically pleasing location. Think about lining it up under a doorway instead of wherever is convenient for instance. 

Consider sun tunnels. While skylights are a homeowner’s dream lighting solution, not every home can support one. Whether it’s cost, roof shape, or difficult to reach locations, skylights won’t always work. In this situation sun tunnels can be an equally effective alternative. These devices channel light from a dome on your roof through a highly reflective tube. Sun tunnels have the unique ability to channel natural light into hard to reach rooms, allowing your house to shine with sun shine. They’re also a much easier install than skylights, reducing labor costs and making them a cheaper option.

Sun tunnels can do more than just transport light. Another benefit of these devices is their multipurpose capability. For instance, Sola-Lite’s Solatubes come with optional add-ons to increase functionality. Choose from: a ventilation add-on for humidity control, a light add-on for traditional night lighting, or a daylight dimmer for adjusting natural lighting levels.

Attic fans. While often overlooked, good airflow can increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. The only downside is that air conditioning can be expensive, even more so if it breaks down. This is especially prevalent in Texas, where good air conditioning is a must. Enter the attic fan. These devices pull hot air from your attic, where it congregates, and release it out from your roof. Attic fans can extend the life of your A/C unit by helping to take some of the load off. 

They also help equalize the temperatures throughout your whole home, helping prevent heat buildup on the second floor. This is very attractive to potential buyers. In the winter, attic fans help prevent damage by equalizing temperatures, removing moisture, and preventing mold and fungus growth.

Interested in integrating any of the above home improvement solutions, such as natural lighting, into your home? Sola-Lite offers skylights, Solatubes, attic fans, and installation for all three. Sola-Lite is located at 5123 N Loop 1604 W in San Antonio. Call at (210) 405-8979 for a free consultation, or fill out a contact form here

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