Is Your Garage HOT?

Is your Garage Hot


Of course, it is, we’re in Texas, or at least Sola-Lite | SolarTex is.


Many of us use our garage to work on a car, we have our home gym in there or we are working on our next in-home project. We at Sola-Lite | SolarTex want to help you keep the heat out of your garage by using our ventilation solutions, the Garage Fan and/or the Solar Star Roof-Mounted Attic Fan.


By Installing the Garage fan and Attic fan you can make it one of the coolest spaces in your home. Regardless of what you do in the space, it’s still a garage – No one wants to hang out in a hot, stale room. By installing the garage fan, we can bring the fresh outside air in and move the hot stale air out. Replacing the air allows you to spend your time in your garage space in comfort.


There are a couple of options to cool your garage depending on your garage set up. If it is an open ceiling, you can use our roof-mounted Solar Attic Fan. If your garage has living space above it, you can get an interior-mounted fan that mounts to a side-wall and pulls hot air out, replacing it with cooler air. If you have an attic above your garage, you can use a solar-powered fan and garage fan together to push the stale air from the garage and pull it out of the attic. 


As you can see, Sola-Lite | SolarTex has some options we can tailor to fit your needs and to keep your costs down. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to custom fit a solution for your garage needs. 

We have some cooling solutions for you!