Solatubes are a unique lighting solution for homes. They have the ability to bring beautiful skylight-like lighting to areas previously dark and unreachable. With a myriad of unique capabilities and features, you’re bound to have some questions. To provide some answers, here’s five frequently asked questions about solatubes

How much will it cost to run? Solatubes channel natural sunlight into a highly reflective tube. The light is then released through a diffuser that looks similar to a light fixture. This entire process is passive, requiring no electrical current. Even the nightlight uses energy gathered from an integrated solar-electric system. All solar tubes also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on purchase or installation, saving you a ton.

What kind of roofing will this product work with? Houses use a variety of different roofing solutions. For some, this can lead to tricky situations when installing certain products. Luckily, solatubes have an answer. They have leak proof flashing options that can attach to any roof style. From shingles to tiles, you’re covered. 

My roof doesn’t have great light exposure, will this still work? Not every home has access to intense bright sunlight. Some might be shaded due to foliage or geography. To combat this problem, Solatubes use domes that channel sunlight through the above mentioned reflective tubes. This dome is designed to maximize light capture, allowing it to function in lower lighting conditions. 

Even if your dome needs to be positioned in an awkward location because of light exposure, solatubes can still work for you. They channel light through a highly reflective tube that can be bent and curved and still function perfectly. This also means that even if a room is in a hard to reach area, solatubes can still bring in light. 

What if the lighting in my room is too bright? For some, the light exposure on their roof can be a little too intense. Sola-Lite offers a dimmer add-on to easily adjust light levels. This ensures you receive perfect natural lighting at the optimum brightness level. Solatubes also come in two different sizes: the

160 DS with softer lighting suited for smaller rooms, and the 290 DS that brings maximum lighting for medium to large rooms.

While my room needs better lighting during the day, I’d also like to have a light for night-use, and placing another fixture would look uneven. What can I do? For some rooms, having a diffuser and a light fixture isn’t very practical. For this reason, solatubes come with an optional night lighting add-on. This doubles the functionality of your solatube in a simple and stylish way. Solatubes also come with three add-ons for expanded capabilities: The above-mentioned dimmer and night lighting, and a ventilation add-on to control humidity.

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