The booming housing market in Central Texas has many homeowners looking to make home improvements, either for their own enjoyment or to improve their home’s value before a sale. Adding more natural light is a simple, relatively inexpensive option for increasing your home’s appeal and value.

Unfortunately for many homeowners, adding a window or a skylight is not always an option. Whether due to a need for privacy, a lack of an exterior wall or no direct access to the roof, those solutions are not always viable for some areas of the home. In those instances, a light tube system can provide an answer. Here are seven things you should know about Solartubes in Austin.

They are environmentally friendly: Many of us are looking to lighten our carbon footprint by reducing home energy use. Solartubes use the sun’s energy to light your home, making them one of the most environmentally friendly home improvements you can make.

You don’t need to have direct access from the ceiling to the roof: Solartubes are constructed from highly reflective materials that concentrate and move sunlight from your roof into your home. These versatile tubes are available in either 10-inch or 14-inch wide options and can be up to 30-feet long, making them ideal for adding light to dark interior rooms, hallways and nooks.

You can add them even if you have a second story: Adding a skylight to the first floor of a two-story home is impossible, but thanks to the incredible reflective properties of Spectralight Infinity Tubing, you (probably) can. Your Solar-Tex technician will be your best resource in determining the feasibility of utilizing Solartubes to add more light to a ground floor room.

They have a lot of different names: Solartubes have a lot of different names. Daylighting system, solar tubes, sun tunnel, light tubes and solar daylight tubes are just some of the many terms used to describe these popular systems. No matter what you call them, Solar-Tex in Austin will install them.

You can customize them: Both ends of Solartubes have options for customization. On the roof, there are different style domes that collect the sunlight. Once the tube reaches your ceiling, there are several styles and accessories available, including round or square options. Those accessories include dimmers, a light add-on and a ventilation option.

They even work at night: One of the options available from Solartubes are an integrated solar-powered nightlight, which is ideal for providing low illumination in your home.

Solar Tubes can be mounted on any type of roof: It doesn’t matter if your roof is made of shingles or tiles or metal, Solartubes can be mounted on your roof. And thanks to leak-proof flashing, you will not have to worry about leaks – even in the worst of the weather.

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