As real estate booms in Central Texas, many homeowners looking for ways to improve their homes are turning to skylights as a relatively inexpensive option for improving their homes beauty and functionality. Want to know more? Read on for seven frequently asked questions about skylight installation in Central Texas.

Solar-Tex Skylight Installation provides sunlight for your home

Do they open? That is one of the best things about having a skylight, the ability to open them up and let the fresh air flow into your home – and let the odors and stale air in your home dissipate. You can choose skylights that are fixed or open with an operator hook. For even more convenience, your skylights can open remotely.

How do I know which type of skylight is right for my home? Our installers will help you determine which style of skylight will be best for your home. We offer two types of mounting for our skylights. Curb-mounted skylights work best on roofs with a pitch of up to 60 degrees. If you have a flat roof, this will also be your best option. For a curb-mounted design, the installer will build a wooden frame around the opening in your roof. For roofs with a pitch between 14 and 85 degrees, deck-mounted skylights, which offer a low profile and energy-efficient installation, are a great option.

Do they leak? Gone are the days when a leaking skylight could cause a catastrophe in your home, destroying hard wood floors, antique furniture and expensive appliances. Our No Leak Promise is a guarantee that your skylights – and the frames they are installed in – will not leak.

What if it rains and I forget to close the skylight? That is a worry you do not have to have. Our solar and electric models both have rain sensors that will automatically close the skylight at the first hint of rain. Whether you are at work, out with friends or sound asleep, these skylight sensors will make sure you do not have to stress about storms.

Won’t the sun beating through the skylight just heat up my home? Nope. Our VELUX skylights let in plenty of natural light but block the heat, so you can enjoy the bright sunshine in your home without worrying about increased energy bills.

What if I want to add natural light to an area in my home without direct access to the roof? We have an option for that! Solatubes provide an option to channel the sunlight from your roof into your home. Their innovative tubular design captures the sunlight and can maintain brightness even around corners, providing an environmentally friendly option for adding light to even the darkest rooms in your house.

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