Garages are a great addition for any home. They provide ample storage space, protect cars from weather, can be used as a personal hobby space, and can even be converted into a spare bedroom. Unfortunately, they have some downsides. From toxic odors to sky high temperatures, keeping a garage safe from weathering and harmful elements can be a nightmare. Exhaust fans for garages can help.

These devices are great at providing good ventilation and air flow. In the end though, many homeowners will still be curious as to what an exhaust fan can help with. To explain, here’s 7 frequently asked questions about exhaust fans for garages.

Will it help for moisture build up? A common challenge when it comes to garages is condensation. It can damage stored items and the garage itself over time. In this scenario, exhaust fans for garages can help. These devices will pull moisture out of the room and release it outdoors, keeping your valuables safe.

Can an exhaust fan help with carbon monoxide? When a car is turned on or driven into a garage, they release carbon monoxide. A colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide is potentially fatal if inhaled at too high a level. Exhaust fans for garages provide a simple solution by sucking the harmful stuff out.

What about other fumes? Besides carbon monoxide, garages can store a host of different toxic odors. From paint, to pesticides, to general chemicals there’s a plethora of gases and odors that can be inhaled. An exhaust fan can help. They’ll work around the clock to ensure that your garage is toxin free and ready to be used, no matter the amount of time you spend in it.

Are they effective at cooling garages? By far the biggest concern for any homeowner with a garage is cooling. In Texas especially, the rising sun brings with it a large wave of heat, turning your garage into an oven. This can be dangerous if your garage is used as a hobby space, and can damage furniture, toys, and any other stored items. Exhaust fans for garages drastically improve the circulation in your garage, helping to reduce heating issues and protect your environment.

What about my attic? The garage is not the only area affected by heat buildup. The attic also experiences the effects of poor air flow. This can lead to similar problems of weathering overtime. Exhaust fans for garages can help prevent this by increasing circulation.

Can it help cool the rest of my home? In addition to the above-mentioned issues, a hot garage can affect the rest of your home’s temperature as well. heat can seep through the connecting walls, increasing the temperatures of adjacent rooms. An exhaust fan, by cooling the garage, can also reduce temperatures in the rest of your home.

Are there solar-powered options? For those that are environmentally friendly, some companies — Such as Solar-Tex — offer solar powered garage fans.

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