There are thousands of things you can do to improve your house and its value. One of the most satisfying improvements you can make is bringing more natural light into your San Antonio or Austin home.

From remodeling your kitchen to adding a colorful throw rug, home improvement options are never-ending and always intriguing. But if you have a room with a dark corner or a lack of windows, no amount of light paint or bright fabric will hide that fact.

The best way to lighten a dark room is to add more natural light and Solatubes, a unique daylighting system, can help you do just that.

Here are 7 reasons to bring more natural light into your home

  • Fall in love with your home again: One of the best benefits of bringing more natural light into your home is how much more you’ll love your home. Whether it’s a dim kitchen, a dark closet or a bedroom with too little light, by increasing the amount of natural light that fills your space, you will eliminate the annoyances that prevent you from being happy with where you live. Sola-Lite can provide a unique opportunity to bring more natural light into just about any room in your home.
  • Reduce electricity costs: The more light you can get from Mother Nature, the less money you’ll need to spend on your utility bill. By bringing natural light into your home through the use of our Solatubes, you get to use the unending power of the sun to brighten your living space.
  • Improve value: Homes that are filled with natural light are much more appealing to potential buyers than homes with dark corners and dim rooms. By brightening up your dark corners with Solatubes, you can substantially improve its appeal and its value.
  • 26% federal tax credit  (as of 2021): Because Solatubes utilize solar power, they are eligible for a federal tax credit when you next file your taxes. Talk to our crew and learn more about how to take advantage of this generous credit on your tax bill.
  • Versatility: Solatubes offer several options, both inside and outside your home. Our domes can mount on any style roof, from Spanish tile to metal. From the dome, there are two different size tubular daylighting devices that bring light into your home. Once the tube reaches your home, you can choose what type of fixture is installed in your ceiling. There are also a number of options and accessories that allow you to customize your daylighting installation. We offer dimming options as well as ventilation and electric light add-ons that will allow you to create exactly what you want for your home.
  • You can use it after dark: Solatubes are integrated with a solar-powered night light. Even after the sun goes down, your fixtures will give off enough light to help you navigate your home in the dark. Say goodbye to stubbed toes when you make a midnight expedition to the kitchen.
  • It’s beautiful: You already know that adding natural light will beautify your home. But Solatubes also offer an array of decorative fixtures that will be beautiful as well.

Learn more about the benefits of adding natural light to your home

Ready to learn more about the benefits of adding natural light to your home — as well as the ease of adding Solatubes to your home? Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our installation specialists.

Solalite can add more natural light to your home