When it’s time to get a new roof, it’s usually because the old one has taken a beating over the years, become compromised due to weather, or reached the end of the line years after the initial installation. More often than not, there’s little elation or celebration. Furthermore, there’s not a lot of intense thought that goes into the process.

A new roof is simply, well, a new roof. What more is there to know, right? They serve a basic function on a home, and for most homeowners, that’s the end of it. But why certain roofs exist and the unique ways in which they impact homeowners just goes to show how roofing has a lot more quirky elements to it than meets the eye.

For example:

Roof Types & Geography

With the rise in popularity of home improvement & DIY programming on television, just about everyone is aware that roofing is different depending on where you live. As it turns out, geography plays a big role in what type of roof a home will get. Coastal areas that are subject to sea water & major storm systems will have roofing that looks different than what one might find in the Midwest.

Installation of New Roof: what about the old one?

We’ve all been woken up by a roofing crew starting work on an installation at about 7 a.m.. The hope is to take advantage of as much daylight as possible, as well as avoiding intense heat throughout the day during warmer months. However, the work always starts with removing the previous roofing materials. Couldn’t the new roof just go right on top it? While the idea seems harmless, getting off older material sheds light on any issues that need to be addressed. Holes, leaks, and wood rot are big problems & need to be dealt with prior to a new roof install.

Care and Maintenance

Depending on the kind of roofing materials chosen, the lifespan of a new roof will vary. Common asphalt shingle roofs tend to have a lifespan of 15-25 years. If a proper maintenance plan is in place, along with spot maintenance by a homeowner, there’s no reason a roof can’t last for years.

Shingle Options

Most folks are familiar with asphalt shingle roofs, but there are actually a significant number of shingle options available to homeowners, including eco-friendly metal roofing panels. Keep in mind that location, availability of materials, and material type will affect the cost of installation.

Finally, when it comes to getting a new roof installed, it’s worth understanding how the choice will affect the way it will allow the home to be insured. In some cases, some shingle/roof types will be seen as more prone to damage, thereby making them less insurable. Working with the right roofing company, especially one that is familiar with local/state build codes & insurance coverage, can allow homeowners to get a roof they truly love while also staying on the right side of their home insurance.

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