The notion of adding accessories to a regularly unused space like a garage might not be high on a homeowner’s priority list. As such, even though they are very useful tools, springing for an exhaust fan for garage use doesn’t get factored into a home improvement budget.

But is that the best idea?

Your Garage Is Important

Garages tend to be seen as nothing more than a place where you do the following: 1) park a vehicle; 2) store old junk you think you’ll need later; or 3) let your kid & her friends start the next great rock band. Garages are utilitarian spaces that do a job and nothing more.

The unfortunate problem with this particular take is that unless you’ve got  a detached garage, this ‘meh’ space is a part of your home. According to a number of experts, a standard two-car garage is about 400 sq. ft.. As such, the idea of negating the importance of what amounts to a few hundred square feet of your home seems kind of kooky if not reckless.

The Advantages of Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans in garages are important in making sure that the space they serve is in good condition. They do this by encouraging optimized ventilation in a space where there tends to be very little much the same way the rest of your home’s HVAC system depends on optimal ventilation to do its job well (that’s the ‘V’ in HVAC). 

Depending on the age of your home, the habits of the previous residents, or budgetary constraints during new construction, your garage may not have an exhaust fan installed. So, the question becomes — is this kind of home improvement project worth it?

Consider the following:

Excess Humidity – Some garages can get stuffy due to too much moisture in the air. While uncomfortable to be in, the biggest issues can that this moisture & heat can find its way into the rest of the home. This, in turn, throws off your HVAC system’s ability to efficiently run. The other issue with excess humidity is that the structural integrity of the garage itself can become compromised over time. What’s more, there is ample opportunity for the development of mold.

Chemicals/Vehicle Exhaust Fumes – All kinds of things are kept in garages like old paint & varnish, chemicals for yard maintenance, as well as lawn equipment & the corresponding fuel to run it. Though the containers they’re in are good to hold contents, they aren’t the best to keep fumes from escaping. After awhile, this noxious mix of fumes can irritate eyes & lungs, and at times make its way into your home. It’s also a recipe for creating a combustion danger.

Protection for Storage – Let’s be honest: many people use their garages strictly for storage. Items stored can range from 1974 tax documents to a bunch of old 78s & 45s to antique furniture that doesn’t have a place inside. All of it, however, needs to be protected from things like excess humidity. Exhaust fans provide the kind of vital ventilation needed to keep the environment in check.

Whether a homeowner goes forward with an exhaust fan for garage use will vary on a number of factors. However, should they choose to move forward with installation, it will be important to work with the right company to get the project done right. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and with a breakdown of your garage needs, provide guidance as to the right ventilation solution for your home.

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